Payroll accounting

Today's payroll accounting places high demands on wage tax and social insurance issues. We will gladly take over your payroll processing enabling you to gain time and security.

  • We will be delighted to help you from the initial setup to the transfer of existing data.
  • You can submit all master data, variable data and hourly data online.
  • On request, we will forward the payslips to your employees directly.
  • We take care of all legal information, such as DEUEV (data acquisition and transmission ordinance) notifications, health insurance contributions, income tax registration etc.
  • Payroll tax and social insurance audits usually take place in our offices. Thus, you save time and increase your safety.

A team of experienced specialists handles all payroll accounting issues on a daily basis. We look forward to sharing our expertise with you and your employees in all matters related to payroll and social insurance.