You came up with a business idea and want to start a business? You are looking for an independent, experienced startup counsellor who examines your business model carefully, who plans with you and puts it bluntly whether it has a future or not and whether it is economically viable? If so, we will do everything we can to help you get started quickly.

Business Plan

In order to arouse the interest of investors, to convince authorities, banks and tax offices, it makes sense to first create a business plan. We will gladly assist you in every step of your way. Thus, it is possible to explain the business idea convincingly, which target groups are relevant, where there are opportunities and risks and how everything will be calculated in the long term.

We provide you with assistance in financial and liquidity planning and in creating cost estimates to help you overcome the first obstacles.

Spinn-off opportunities

Do you have the chance to get out of the employee relationship with your company through a product or a service?

There are many successful examples. Primarily research and development departments are considered for spin-offs. These departments often separate from divisions that are part of a growth sector but not of the company’s core business and would therefore impede the strategic direction unwittingly.

Universities such as the RWTH Aachen University, Aachen University of Applied Sciences or facilities and research institutions such as Forschungszentrum Juelich offer ideal breeding grounds for entrepreneurial ideas.

Our services include

  • assistance in contract negotiations with investors
  • creation of business plans
  • preparation of and attendance at bank meetings

In recent years, we have successfully supported several startups from a wide range of economic sectors (including, amongst others, digital economy, medical technology and internet business).